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The Problem!

Most of the policy makers of developed and developing countries declare Technical Education, a master key for the swift economic growth of a nation. Regrettably, the evidences show that Technical Education could not play the expected role in the industrial and economic growth of Pakistan. The study aimed to diagnose the causes of not achieving set targets of Technical education in Pakistan and to suggest the solutions to these problems. The qualitative data were collected through thirty (30) semi- structured interviews of experts, comprising alumni of Diploma of Associate Engineers (DAE), faculty members, policy makers and other experts of Technical Education in Pakistan by using purposive sampling technique. The data analysis reflects that, the dire need to improve funding for Technical Education is quite indispensable, the curricula is outdated and need to be revised periodically, the improved coordination between different stakeholders of Technical Education can uplift the teaching- learning environment. The study further indicates that, the industry-institute linkage is weak in the country, it is suggested that an effective industry-institute linkage is necessary to improve quality of Technical Education in the country, participation of private sector in Technical Education needs to be improved and system should be developed for periodic revision of curricula and organized professional/ industrial training of students and faculty members. An independent University of Technical Education should be established to enhance the opportunities of higher Technical Education in the country.

*. Obstacles in the Enhancement of Technical Education in Pakistan: Views and Reviews by Ahmed Raza* and Muhammad Ibrahim Khalid * Bulletin of Education and Research April 2017, Vol. 39, No. 1 pp. 117-127.

The Solution! CIT

          Solution to the problem of unemployed and unskilled youth is CIT. CIT was founded in the year 1996 by Ammar Hussain Jafferi to promote latest technical and IT training to the youth of Pakistan. Since its inception CIT has trained hundreds of youth all around the Pakistan. It has dozens of partners imparting IT and Technical training in different corners of Pakistan.

Our Unique Strength

We have Curriculum of ET Skills for Technician.

We have a huge pool of Pool of trainers on ET Skills

International and national industry Collaboration with over 1000 Industry partners nationally and internationally directly with our institution and through our partners network.

Freelancing platform to identify and provide work opportunities through our partnership with iLance 2.0

Platform for startups to provide the assessment and opportunity to work in Tech Startup to gain relevant experience and growth through our partnership with Bir Ventures USA.

International Collaboration with the international institute for knowledge and innovations offering ET certification.

International collaboration with M/S TechCast Global the most authoritative source on technology foresight and Training.

Collaboration with M/S BIR Ventures USA.; providing access to a global network of startups in free expert  Engagement Model.

 Delivery Model

Will he delivered through a network of master trainer in all cities through our local partner institutes, however, the curriculum, control and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) will performed centrally.

Central Control through Subject Matter Exerts for every Skill.

Entire system of Registration, engagement, training, and M&E will work through Learning Management System (LMS + M&E).

Experienced coaches for mentoring during entire duration

Semi autonomous delivery with 


Platform of NSU (National Skill university)

International Institutes for knowledge and innovation

IdeaGist practical entrepreneurship platform.

Internationally recognized Tech Skills Accreditation based on Dublin Accords.Common

Modules for every course

Soft Skills including Communication Skills

Entrepreneurship 101

Freelancing 101

Social Media Marketing